Packaging Principles

Our Principles have been established based on The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and have been created to help support our customers to enjoy our products, reuse, recycle and promote circular economy.

 Sustainable packaging is one of our principles that helps to cut through the confusion in the recycling of packaging.

  1. We protect our products– Damaged products from poor packaging have an economic and environmental impact
  2. We use no more materials than necessary– Optimised use of packaging materials saves resources and reduces waste
  3. Cycle efficiency– Efficient layout of products within boxes for stacking in delivery vehicles
  4. We encourage customers to upcycle - Eliminate waste by keeping packaging products in use for as long as possible
  5. Always recyclable – We empower our customers to feel that recycling is an easy process




'Our packaging is suited to a circular economy and make it easier to provide labelling to help customers recycle more.'