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  • Why Soy Wax?

    We are delighted to introduce our 100% Natural soy wax developed and manufactured in the UK. Soy wax have been designed to create a candle with a premium quality finish, excellent scent throw and superb glass adhesion.
  • Candle Safety & Burning Tips

    Thank you for choosing MARISKOVA & Co. To ensure you get the maximum results from your product whilst maintaining safety at all times please follow these simple but effective user instructions.
  • Packaging Principles

    'Sustainable packaging is one of our principles that helps to cut through the confusion in the recycling of packaging.' - MARISKOVA & Co.
  • MARISKOVA & Co. Philosophy

    'It's just about being more aware of what things are made of, what the impact is going to be on the environment. Small changes are better than doing nothing at all.' - MARISKOVA & Co.